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Sanitization, Odor-Removal, and Allergen Removal Services

Quickly & Effectively Destroy Sources of Illness

Quickly & Effectively Destroy Sources of Illness

Why Air Vax?

Air Vax is the premier st george duct cleaner for residential and commercial customers. We clean HVAC air ducts and dryer vents as well as provide disinfection services through an FDA approved germicide, moldicide, and virucide that kills the vast majority of lingering germs, mold, and viruses.

We use the latest technology: Air Vax professionals work closely with environmental scientists to create guidelines for cleaning and disinfection. We use a multi-stage decontamination process that destroys virus pathogens and protects your building from diseases.

Healthcare standard products: The disinfectants we use are used in hospitals everywhere and eliminate 99.9% of germs and pathogens for at least 30 days.

Expert teams: Our cleaning technicians are trained regularly. They disinfect homes and all kinds of commercial facilities under strict protocols that prioritize your safety.

It’s best to play it safe when dealing with a potentially infected home or business. Get rid of coronavirus and other dangerous illnesses and contact Air Vax for immediate disinfection and cleaning of your building.

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